We want to create a thriving and sustainable community which compliments the existing facilities in the surrounding areas of Plumstead, Broadwater Green and Thamesmead. The culture and principles behind our approach are attention to detail, respect for the community and a real passion for creating places to be proud of.


The emerging proposals will include well-designed homes for people with varying incomes - giving them the choice to buy, part-buy, or rent.

Peabody and Berkeley are working with an award-winning professional team to design places which are truly sustainable, which meets the needs and aspirations of the community now and in the future. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality places and homes, with the inspiration for this area envisaging a contemporary take on the traditional London mansion block, squares and streets.



The emerging proposals will provide new parkland and beautiful open spaces for everyone to enjoy, with new pedestrian and cycle routes to seamlessly connect with the Ridgeway and the surrounding areas of Plumstead, Broadwater Green, Thamesmead.

Working alongside local residents and businesses, we will be looking at how our proposals can deliver facilities which add to the existing community. What community facilities do you think are needed in Plumstead? Please let us know by filling in a Feedback Form.



In order to create a truly mixed-use environment the emerging proposals will also include a large amount of employment space in a range of sizes and configurations to appeal to new as well as existing local businesses.

Concepts include a multi-level industrial hub with a variety of larger light industrial spaces and smaller workshops benefitting from shared facilities to encourage start-ups and SMEs to collaborate, innovate and grow.

Further flexible employment spaces in a range of sizes and formats will also be delivered across the masterplan in order to provide for a wide range of occupiers.


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