Peabody and Berkeley are excited about the opportunity to work with the Royal Borough of Greenwich and the GLA to redevelop the site into a truly mixed-use community, delivering high quality architecture, large publicly accessible green spaces, neighbourhood amenities and employment space. The key elements of our vision for Plumstead - West Thamesmead are to deliver:

  1. A Catalyst For Change
  2. Employment Spaces And Industry For Local People
  3. Pathways And Places For People To Meet
  4. High-Quality Architecture And Tenure Blind Homes
  5. Bio-Diverse, Tranquil Spaces To Promote Healthy Living

The proposals are based on the traditional London Square concept, with generous open spaces and a large central public park, creating a thriving new community



Homes Person

1,750 high quality houses

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40% Affordable Housing in tenure blind buildings


57,000 sq.ft of Employment Space


New Bio-diverse Four Seasons Park

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50% first phase
Affordable Homes


Neighbourhood facilities to complement
Plumstead High Street


Footpath & cycle links
to Plumstead

Green Links

Green links between the river
and the wider community