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1,750 high quality tenure blind houses for everyone

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40% of which will be affordable homes


57,000 sq.ft of employment, community and retail space


Neighbourhood facilities to complement Plumstead high street and benefit the employment area

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50% first phase will be affordable


1.8 acres 'four seasons park' for everyone to enjoy


Footpath and cycle links to Plumstead power station, high street and station

Green Links

Biodiverse links between the river, Broadwater, Plumstead and Thamesmead

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Peabody and Berkeley are excited about the opportunity to work with the Royal Borough of Greenwich and the GLA to redevelop the site into a truly mixed-use community, delivering high quality architecture, large publicly accessible green spaces, neighbourhood amenities and employment space. The key elements of our vision for Plumstead - West Thamesmead are to deliver:

  1. A Catalyst For Change
  2. Employment Spaces And Industry For Local People
  3. Pathways And Places For People To Meet
  4. High-Quality Architecture And Tenure Blind Homes
  5. Bio-Diverse, Tranquil Spaces To Promote Healthy Living

The proposals are based on the traditional London Square concept, with generous open spaces and a large central public park, creating a thriving new community

If you would like to learn more about the proposals, additional information is available here.